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Foundation Music Exam Preparation - January 2019

Forte School of Music Joondalup

Foundation Music Exam Preparation - January 2019



What is the aim of the FME exam?

These exams are a part of the Foundation of Music Education (FME) and aims to assess your child in a standardised way at 3 different levels; Bronze, Silver, or Gold. It is highly recommended as preparation for Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) exams which is the nationally recognised standard for examinations and is required for any professional career in music.

What is the FME Preparation Workshop?

  • For those who have a FME exam coming up or would like to fast track their exam preparation.
  • To help activate critical listening skills through listening carefully to others' performances and providing feedback.
  • 2 hr sessions focusing on performing for each other, providing feedback, and some group aural work.
  • Socialisationwith other students and expressing their musicianship with their peers.
  • Especially beneficial for private students when it comes to seeing a familiar face whilst waiting to go in for their exam.
  Bronze FME Workshop
Monday 21 January at 1:30pm until 3:00pm
1.5 hours
Gold FME Workshop
Monday 21 January at 3:00pm until 5:00pm
2 hours

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